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Vertice Healthcare (PTY) Ltd

Established in 2018, Vertice MedTech is a South African based medical technology company with a continent-wide footprint that provides turnkey medical solutions across several healthcare sectors to achieve the best possible healthcare delivery. Over the years, our diversified portfolio has grown through strategic acquisitions and partnerships that have positioned us as a leading medical distributor and service provider in Africa from . Born from the need to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology, Vertice recognised a need for innovative medical solutions that not only enriched patient health outcomes but equipped healthcare providers with the resources to enhance value-based care across the healthcare supply chain. Inspired by the concept of ‘changing lives using technology,’ we embarked on a mission that focused on digital transformation as a core growth driver.
Vertice Cardiothoracic division is a trusted supplier of innovative medical devices aimed at improving patients’ lives. We provide Cardiothoracic Surgeons with reliable solutions that address the unique challenges of both Acute and Chronic Heart Failure and structural heart disease. We also offer Autotransfusion and Rapid infusion for all specialities.

Viking Cardiovascular (PTY) Ltd

The Viking Story
Started in 1990, Viking now proudly represents many well- respected Global leaders in medical equipment manufacturing.
Mission – Viking strives to deliver service excellence and quality in our product offerings.
Vision- To support South Africa healthcare services by introducing and marketing innovative medical technologies.
Website : Viking Medical

Tau Medical Supplies (PTY) Ltd

Tau Medical Supplies was formed in 2000 and is now well established as a competitive and well-respected provider of specialised surgical products to the private and public sector in South Africa.

  • Cell Saving
  • Auto transfusion systems
  • Oxygenators
  • Customised Tubing packs
  • Surgical Drapes
  • Silicone Thoracic Catheters
  • Aortic Punch
  • Surgical Instruments
  • ECMO
  • Sutures
  • Heart Hugger – Sternum Support Harness
  • Perfusion Cannulae
  • Hemoconcentrators
  • Liga Clips 
  • Cardiac Flow Meter

Prime Surgical (PTY) Ltd

Prime Surgical’s portfolio of endovascular, surgical and hybrid products deliver individualised solutions to address every segment of every aorta. We offer surgeons the resources, partnership & confidence they need to decide on the best solutions for their patients’ diverse aortic challenges.
Prime Surgical is also the sole distributor of Terumo’s Cardiovascular Systems which provides medical devices for cardiac surgery with an emphasis on cardiopulmonary bypass, intra-operative monitoring, and cardiac surgery. Terumo Cardiovascular’s mission is to work as a team to save one more life, today and every day by providing lifesaving technology to cardiac surgery teams around the world.

Selective Surgical

Selective Surgical is an exclusive distributor in South Africa of leading international medical device brands, including Zimmer Biomet (CMF | Thoracic), Precise BoneSmart Technology, ProMed Instruments and Matrix Surgical USA. Selective Surgical specialises in craniomaxillofacial, neuro and thoracic implants and devices, patient-matched implants and bone substitute materials, as well as, cranial stabilization and retractor systems for neurosurgical applications and accessories.  Our focus is on bringing world-class products that offer high-quality treatment solutions and minimally invasive techniques for medical practitioners, specialists, and patients. Improving Lives Together.


We lead global healthcare technology, boldly attacking the most challenging problems. Our Mission — to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life — unites a global team of 90,000+ people, and our technologies transform the lives of two people every second, every hour, every day. Expect more from us.
Medtronic. Engineering the extraordinary.

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.  As a global medical technology leader for more than 40 years, we advance science for life by providing a broad range of high-performance solutions that address unmet patient needs and reduce the cost of healthcare.
Boston Scientific invests its time, resources and energy into creating and developing solutions that matter most to clinicians, hospitals and patients.

Our products treat a range of complex diseases and conditions, including the following disease areas:

  • NEUROMODULATION: Electronic implantable technologies that help patients manage debilitating chronic pain and neurological conditions
  • CARDIAC RHYTHM MANAGEMENT: Ground-breaking technologies that treat irregular heart rhythms and heart failure and help protect against sudden cardiac arrest
  • ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY: A broad range of mapping and treatment technologies for diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders
  • INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY THERAPIES: Minimally invasive innovations that help improve the lives of patients living with heart and vascular conditions
  • WATCHMAN:  Current-generation technology built on the most studied and implanted LAAC device in the world, designed to advance procedural performance and safety
  • PERIPHERAL INTERVENTIONS: Leading devices for diagnosis and minimally-invasive treatments of peripheral vascular disease and cancer
  • ENDOSCOPY: Minimally invasive devices for diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal and airway conditions
  • UROLOGY AND PELVIC HEALTH: Solutions for urological diseases including stone disease, men’s health, and women’s health


Baroque Medical

Baroque Medical, through its focus on customer needs, continues to be the Partner of Choice through the marketing, sales and distribution of reputable products that ensure better patient outcomes.


B and M Heart Valves (Pty) Ltd.

B and M Heart Valves is a company based in Port Elizabeth.  The company imports medical devices for use by cardiac surgeons and plastic Surgeons and was established in 2001.

We are the Sole distributor of Internationally approved medical devices.

Products are distributed to hospitals in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia.  The devices include mechanical heart valves; valved aortic conduits; aortic punches; chordal sutures, infusion manifolds, Fatwasher and Xenosys Loupes and Headlights. The products are manufactured outside of South Africa and the company has distribution agreements with all finished device suppliers.  The company by policy requires all of the products to have complete regulatory market clearance by either the US FDA or the EU CE mark.  The company has 2 directors responsible for administration and marketing and other employees as deemed necessary by the directors.

Kingfisher Medical (PTY) Ltd

We specialize in world-class surgical devices for Neuro, Orthopedic, Reconstructive, Vascular and Cardiothoracic surgery.
Our Cardiothoracic Division focuses on innovative medical devices; VEST™️ an external support for vein grafts in CABG surgeries by Vascular Graft Solutions and COR-KNOT®️ for secure seating of valve.
We represent Wexler Surgical in South Africa with their comprehensive range of cutting edge cardiovascular, thoracic and MIS surgical Instruments.
Our mission is to improve patient quality of life and clinical outcome post-surgery.